Building a Fairer Gwent - Marmot Region

It can be hard for people in communities across Gwent to live healthy, fulfilled lives. Inequities have been amplified by the direct and indirect harms of COVID-19 and the cost of living crisis. To address this and support and change, Gwent is now a Marmot Region, adopting the principles created by Sir Michael Marmot and Institute of Health Equity (IHE), which are:

1.    Give every child the best start in life
2.    Enable all children, young people, and adults to maximise their capabilities and have control over their lives
3.    Create fair employment and good work for all
4.    Ensure a healthy standard of living for all
5.    Create and develop healthy and sustainable places and communities
6.    Strengthen the role and impact of ill-health prevention
7.    Tackle racism, discrimination, and their outcomes
8.    Pursue environmental sustainability and health equity together

This means taking action to reduce health inequalities by focusing on the social determinants of health as set out in the Building a Fairer Gwent report (2022). You can also find out more with the IHE report here. 

How you can be involved - Building a Fairer Gwent Action Survey

We want and need our communities to be integrally involved in this.
To do this initially and help prioritise the work, we are asking for your views via a survey you can complete online by clicking the image below

This should be done using the accompanying Information Sheet which you can view by clicking the image below

survey info sheet

Thank you for your participation which is really vital.